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Student work of Photography & Journalism

Photography & Journalism

• Teej Festival-  A photoshoot organize by Photography students to capture the happy moments. Students of B.VocPhotography and Journalism showcase there talent by capturing the pictures of other students. Students covered the whole event with full confidence and they show there skills of photography through this event

  • Fete 2019 – A festival of Colors and Cultures. A stall was placed on this occasion. There were different types of Frames which are being made by the Students and Learn to Earn in the photography line. They took the beautiful pictures of other students and earn an amount of money. With this whole event students of B.Voc Photography and Journalism has shown how to work professionally.
  • Dream-Lite- With this event, students learn to enhance skills in event management. They organize different events like Movie Mania, Be a Model, Photoshoot and many more. Students of B.VocPhotography and Journalism handled each event with full enthusiasm and zeal. With this event, students get an opportunity to work as an Event Manager.
  • Theme-Day- TASVEER- The Photo studio organize A Theme-Day every week with different themes of Photography. With the themes like Monochrome, Portrait photography students of B.Voc Photography and Journalism polish their skills in Photography.
  • Fete 2020 – A festival of Cultures. Students showcase their talent by placing a frame for photography and took the pictures with professional cameras. There they also win the prize of Best Stall 2020.
  •  News Bulletin – News is the significant part of our daily life. Students of B.VOC  Photography & Journalism produce a News Bulletin program to polish their skills all well in anchoring. They work as professionals
  • Celebrity Interview – Students of B.VocPhotography & journalism take the interview of the eminent personalities and guests who visit KanyaMahaVidyalaya. With these kind of interviews students get a worthy knowledge that how to communicate with different person and how to take interview.
  • Three-Point-Lighting- Students of B.Voc Photography and Journalism working as a professional In this way they have started to capture the photos with Three Point Lighting Technique this technique is used by professional to capture the beautiful portraits of their customers. Within the college campus students take the pictures with this technique and showcase their talent.

Photography & Journalism

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